· Business hours:9:00 AM - 9:00 PM ( 7 DAY A WEEK ) If you have any questions please to call TEL: 828-785-1653

营业时间 :9:00AM-9:00PM (一周七天)如果有特别情况欢迎电话预约 TEL: 828-785-1653
About Us
YZ Asian supermarket
The supermarket is located in ASHEVILLE NC
Is a business daily provisions, specialty food consisting mainly of commercial retail enterprises around Asia are populated residential areas,
People flourish, flourishing, type,Good and cheap goods,
Quiet and tastefully laid out and shopping environment and warm and thoughtful service,
Is the consumers shopping ideal place.
Supermarket adhere to the "good faith as this,
Harmony and win-win "of the enterprise purpose,
Strictly the commodity purchase,
Responsible for the quality,
Price comparison shopping,
Make sure you buy the rest assured,
With our products,
Be fully equipped,
Elegant environment of the retail enterprise.
To provide customers with "happy, preferential price, convenience and satisfaction, shopping, meet the customer's needs.
Quality fidelity, daily parity "and so on the operating characteristics,
To serve as the basis
In order to scale to promote efficiency
To create first-class management In the commodity varieties on file
On the time and shopping environment to maintain a strong competitive advantage
To ensure the standard of 100% customer satisfaction
Based on the sincerity To "unity, struggle, pioneering and dedication" spirit of enterprise
With more excellent and thoughtful service
Abundant high-quality goods to spruce up the life of people
Strive to become the ASHEVILLE NC a beautiful beautiful scenery line in people's lives
Bright is rare and beautiful flower business
Will work with ASHEVILLE NC people to join hands in creating a better tomorrow!